Cyber Security & Information Technology Solutions

The best cyber security programs are not effective without the right technology to identify threats, continuously monitor networks for unusual behavior and patterns from outside organizations and internal staff, and understand vulnerabilities so cyber programs and protocols can be updated to continue to ward off attacks.

There are a plethora of cyber security technologies and solutions to choose from with many more coming to market every day. How do you identify the right ones for your business or organization? How do you know they are going to work? How will your team have the time to implement and learn a new solution?

Azgard provides cyber defense and cyber investigation solutions, as well as cloud solutions to help agencies and businesses run their business more efficiently and cost-effectively. Azgard’s team has the expertise and hands-on knowledge to implement leading cyber technologies to protect your business or agency. In the cyber defense area, Azgard provides infectious network behavior, SIEM, Security Orchestration, Managed Security System Provider, virtual Chief Information Security Officer solutions. In the cyber investigation area, we provide risk management framework (RMF), traditional independent verification and validation (IV&V), incident response, computer forensics, penetration testing, wireless assessments.

Azgard works with leading cloud providers, including VMWare and Amazon Web Services, helping our clients transition to a cloud-based infrastructure that is secure and reliable.

Azgard is a Value Added Reseller of NetTrust by TaaSera, and are partners with Vectra Networks and NIKSUN, offering their technology software and implementation services. Azgard provides the expertise and hands on knowledge to identify and implement the right software for every client, including open source and proprietary solutions in the areas of:

Cyber Security Solutions:

  • Threat detection & management and incident response
  • Preemptive risk breach detection systems
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability scanners
  • Continuous monitoring
  • High performance analytics and reporting

Information Technology Solutions:

  • IT network management & security and interfaces
  • Cloud and virtualization software
  • 0 day detection systems for IOT devices, PCs and servers
  • Computer hardware and networking solutions
  • Video surveillance systems

Azgard continuously researches and identifies new cyber security and IT software and hardware to keep our clients on the leading edge of security and detection of risks, protecting all of their critical assets. See Gap Analysis services for more details.

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