Cyber Security and Information Technology Services

Security gaps exist for every organization, putting business operations, customer trust, data, and IP at serious risk. Customers not only expect cybersecurity, they demand it.

According to a survey of security professionals (conducted by Accenture and HFS Research, March 2017), face these top challenges:

  • Data theft or corruption from internal sources, and that number is on the increase
  • External cyber threats on the rise
  • Proliferation of digital technologies and an increase in digital initiatives are having an impact on security
  • Brand reputation and customer support were identified as most vulnerable to data breaches
  • Executive leadership does not support or provide budget for cyber security programs

Cyber defense is quickly evolving as digital technologies proliferate and external threats increase. Yet, issues continue within every organization, including lack of a strong cyber management program, static technologies, misalignment between security professionals and leadership, and siloed data and systems.

Does your organization have adequate programs, controls, processes, and technologies in place to protect your critical assets including your IT network, business operations systems, software, hardware, data, devices, and customers from cyber attacks?

Azgard Group’s leadership has a combined 80+ years of cyber security and information technology experience, and their cyber and technical teams have the knowledge and expertise on leading technologies and approaches to assist our clients in securing all of their critical assets from insider and outside group cyberattacks and security threats. Our holistic, cost-effective and proactive approach to cyber security continuously evaluates, protects, and prevents cyberattacks, and our cyber experts can train your staff to efficiently handle threats on an ongoing basis to minimize risks to business operations.

Azgard tailors our cyber security solutions to specific industry needs and goals, providing the right approach, services, and technologies to effectively support our government (federal, state and local), airport, school, and commercial clients in the insurance, legal, law enforcement, healthcare, energy, and chemical fields.

In today’s digitized world and the reliance on computers and devices to manage business operations, it is more important than ever to ensure that your business systems and IT network are performing at the highest levels of efficiency, while maintaining the security of all data and critical information. Azgard Group offers comprehensive cyber security services including:

Facility Maintenance

Meeting the daily operational needs of our clients as they face their challenges and tasks set by upper management is our priority.

We address the facility needs to keep the office, factory, and store environments running smoothly. Our staff is made up of maintenance professionals who believe in efficiency, timeliness, and integrity.

Cyber Security Assessments

IT teams are understaffed and according to a recent survey, have said that executives do not want to fund cyber initiatives, leaving organizations and agencies vulnerable to cyber attacks and security threats. When an attack occurs, it takes more time and much higher costs to mitigate the damage, putting your organization at risk of operational disruptions, lawsuits, and dissatisfied customers.

Azgard offers an effective and cost-efficient Cyber Assessment Program to identify vulnerabilities across all critical IT and business operations technologies, network, systems, software, devices, and data repositories, as well as evaluate and inspect the technologies and equipment utilized to truly get a sense of the cyber defense capabilities in real world scenarios. After the assessment, Azgard provides a report of our findings, along with recommendations and a path forward to improve an organization’s security posture and mitigate devastating cyber and security attacks. We adhere to the Director of Central Intelligence Directive No.6/9 (DCID No.6/9) for SCIFs and SWEs when we conduct Information Technology assessments, and National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) guidance for assessing network environments to ensure they are compliant with government security standards and all data is secure.

Our initial assessment is conducted by our cyber experts in just a few days, providing valuable information to an organization to start planning and implementing new cyber security programs to protect against attacks and threats and maintain business operations so service and support is not interrupted for customers.

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Counterintelligence & Investigations:

As technology and access to information becomes more readily available, cyber crimes are becoming more aggressive. Don’t wait until a cyber attack or security threat happens. Azgard Group offers counterintelligence and investigative services such as computer forensics, computer incident response, network infrastructure investigation, information assurance, penetration testing and Wireless Activity Reporting (WAR) and WARS monitoring, and incorporates the right technologies depending on the type of client and their requirements. Our CI and investigative services help clients identify current threats and vulnerabilities and then create a proactive cyber security program to defend their networks, devices, data and infrastructure against potential attacks and threats.

Electronic Bug Sweeps

Azgard Group’s TSCM Team has over 15 years of professional service experience conducting electronic bug sweeps in office and large facility environments. We specialize in finding covert devices in computers and their networks, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, phone systems, power lines, vehicles, and wireless devices. We are able to conduct physical, virtual, and wireless inspections to ensure that we locate the source of the unauthorized information extraction.

Cyber Security Consulting & Program Management:

Organizations tell us that they don’t have a formal cyber program, and are often reactive when a problems occur, taking staff away from critical operational tasks and customer service. We develop cyber security programs, and insider threat programs. A cyber security program combines both tools, techniques, and policies to ensure IT networks, business operations systems, devices, and data are secure and prepared for cyber threats. Our Cyber Program identifies critical assets for an organization, and then evaluates risks and threats for every asset, looking at computers, networks, hardware and software to identify if a security program exists or if it requires a cyber-security program to protect it, as well as ensuring that electronic devices operated on a daily basis and containing confidential data are secure.

Cyber Security & IT Managed Services

Technical threats are constantly changing and becoming more intelligent. Is your cyber security program staying current of the new penetration methods used by cyber criminals? Azgard Group’s professionals are on the cutting edge of cyber defense, applying leading technologies and cyber techniques used by experts in the cyber field.

Azgard can be your complete and cost-effective outsourced cyber provider, managing an organization’s cyber security needs, providing cyber experts that can develop a custom cyber security management plan and implement services and technologies that will assess, protect, and continually analyze an organization’s IT network, devices, data, physical infrastructure and business operations systems to detect attacks and minimize issues if cyberattacks and threats happen.

Research & Development

Technology changes constantly, improving our lives, positively impacting our economy, and making businesses more efficient. However, it also poses many challenges for companies and their IT team to keep up with adding, updating and upgrading their technology to keep threats at bay.

Azgard engineers are continually evaluating new cyber security and physical security technologies that can assist our customers in defending their critical assets. We focus on the cyber and security operational gaps, and then identify the best solutions that can solve our customer’s issues within their budget. You will also have the support of the entire Azgard Group team to resolve technical issues, install new software solutions, develop processes, and provide other consulting services to ensure your technology investment produces a positive ROI.

Drone Detection Solutions: Azgard has teamed with Natural Resource Security to develop and bring to market an anti-drone solution for environments threatened by drone activity.

Wireless countermeasures solutions

Cyber Education and Training

Azgard believes in educating our nation’s future cyber warriors by providing them with the most comprehensive and realistic scenarios possible. Our cyber range training programs will improve each student’s technical and operational skills to prepare them for a career in cyber defense. Azgard has partnered with a technology company to develop two key platforms to improve the training experience for our students so they improve and retain their cyber security knowledge.

As a cyber consultant of ASD-Inc., Azgard Group is also participating in the development of the Intrusion Countermeasures Education and Training (ICE T) Maryland Cyber Range Consortium. This consortium is made up of 10 Maryland-based companies with cyber security and training capabilities with the mission of developing cyber warriors within the Maryland Academic arena.

Our training programs include the equipment, skills, approach, and technologies needed to address today’s types of attacks and threats as well as potential future threats. The purpose of these courses is to identify the strength and weaknesses of the technician’s professional skills, and provide them with in-depth skills to maintain the cyber security program at their company or agency.

Azgard also provides training courses for solutions from AirPatrol, Wireless Innovations, and Signals Defenses. We also offer Cyber TSCM operations, Insider Threat, and TSCM Team Lead courses, preparing security professionals to sustain cyber programs at their organizations.

We have trained Joint Special Operations Command personnel, Law enforcement, DoD agency IT teams, Capitol Police, and the Marine Corps on cyber security programs, processes and protocol to protect IT networks, devices and operating systems, as well as IT teams in large and small commercial companies.