Drone Countermeasures

Azgard’s customized counter drone solutions – drone countermeasures


Azgard has counter drone solutions that are customized to fit the threats of today and tomorrow. Drone technology advances rapidly, and only a software-centric solution with capable hardware can keep up with the threats. Our software, hosted in the cloud or on-premise, uses Drone DNA inside of a database to recognize and classify RF, WiFi, and non-WiFi drones. The software as Application Programming Interface (API) which allows us to also integrate with 3rd-party sensors, and trigger alerts and countermeasures such as radars, acoustic sensors, and inhibitors (Speak with a Azgard Sales Rep for areas authorized to use inhibitors). The system will automatically detect, identify, and countermeasure known commercial drones flying in the area.


Our products include:

  • Radar Sensors
  • Counter-UAS Defense System
  • Mobile Units
  • Ground-based Units
  • Acoustic Sensors
  • Optic Sensors
  • RF Protocol Manipulation Systems

Azgard Drone Countermeasures

The system will accept videos from off-the-shelf surveillance cameras, turning them into full-time airspace monitoring sensors.


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Extensive work fielding technology in this area as well as the cyber arena has provided Azgard valuable insight into operational needs, challenges and ever-evolving threats.

We use this knowledge to support continuous, rapid upgrades to systems and to offer engineering advisory services to help our clients stay ahead of their adversaries.


Azgard Group is pleased to announce that we are now a proud BioDigitalPC Reseller


Azgard BioDigitalPC-MDC-22

The Challenge: Deploying a truly mobile, fully functioning, tactical command center that doesn’t require an air-lift or 4 or 5 man lift cases.

Like many combat situations deploying a mobile tactical command center has to be done in minutes but currently it takes hours. The systems must be lightweight, able to run off battery, and withstand the harshest conditions while keeping up with the demands of military computing.



Azgard BioDigitalPC MDC-22

The Solution: Using innovative BioDigital® Pluggable Computing Server cards (BioDigitalPC®), ADDC created the easily deployable Mobyl Data Center with 22 servers (MDC-22).

The ADDC Mobyl Data Center comes equipped with 22 BioDigitalPC®/MobylPC™Server docking stations to form a cohesive, scalable server cluster.

The MDC-22 can be scaled from 1 to 22 servers simply by plugging in more BioDigitalPC®/MobylPC™ Server cards into available slots. Accommodating changing field requirements with minimal physical space is accomplished with ease. Adding a node to the server cluster is as simple as plugging in another credit card sized BioDigitalPC®/MobylPC™ Server and configuring it to your network parameters.


Azgard BioDigitalPC MDC-22 in use

Creating an LTE Network: Using existing EMF spectrum, the MDC-22 or MDC-10 can be configured to create a private secured cellular network.

By using just a couple of the 22 slots available in the MDC-22 combined with an LTE antenna, communications from a command center can be established in minutes at the highest quality possible.

Azgard BioDigitalPC
Azgard + BioDigitalPC



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V5 Systems

Azgard Group is pleased to announce that we are now a proud V5 Systems Reseller




V5 Systems is an award-winning technology company that has created the world’s first true edge computing platform for the outdoors.

The number of security incidents continues to rise – from insider threats to active shooters- organizations face countless challenges in securing their critical infrastructure on physical campuses or network environments servers. Enterprise security is a never-ending game of cat-and–mouse, where one must always be thinking two steps ahead of the threat actors. Enterprises need a simpler, scalable, threat-centric approach that provides visibility and control of threats before, during, and after they occur.

For organizations who need to review their existing information security defenses, Azgard offers a comprehensive Security Threat Assessment Consultation service. This “High touch” engagement assesses the capabilities and requirements throughout the network, and provides a single view of what is needed to build an end-to-end security architecture to meet organizational goals.

Azgard is constantly researching new ways to safeguard corporate assets and defend enterprise networks from unauthorized access. We offer a validated list of unique technologies and security methods that will enhance and expand the scope of your organization’s current physical security and cyber security strategy.

As a systems integrator, we have 6+ years providing cutting edge technology solutions to our clients in US Federal Agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Azgard ensures security and operational efficiency for all of our clients.

“People are going to have to take responsibility for protecting themselves in an active shooter situation, because we will not be there in time.”
John Urquhart, King County Sheriff. 12.09.15

EVERY SECOND COUNTS. Increase Threat response time during active shooter scenarios by accurately detecting the source of gun-fire and providing real-time location information for each gunshot event. This information is quickly routed to local police authorities via a cloud-based mobile app.

Recent national tragedies remind us, the risk is real: an active shooter incident can happen in any place at any time.
What steps have you taken to mitigate the risk on your campus?

According to FEMA, taking a few steps now can help you react quickly because every second counts when it comes to the preservation of lives.

V5 Systems has developed the world’s most advanced self-powered outdoor security platform.

Through optimized Artificial Intelligence running at the edge, the outdoor self-powered platform uses video and acoustic sensors to give you the most innovative video monitoring and gunshot detection location. Now you can gain valuable insights…anywhere.

  • Self-powered – Be free from the grid
  • Truly portable – Deploy each unit in under 30 minutes.
  • Intelligent – Get real-time alerts through optimized Artificial
  • intelligence that runs on the edge.

All solutions are:

100% Self-Powered – Ongoing power source is driven by a combination of proprietary bullet-resistant solar panels, battery, and power management systems.

Rapidly deployable network – Deploy pre-configured, self-contained security units in under 30 minutes to any outdoor environment without being tied to the electrical grid.

Solutions include:

V5 Systems Camera Adaptive Platform

Turn virtually any surveillance camera into a self-powered, compact unit that can monitor any outdoor area with a self-powered, outdoor power, computing and communication platform.

V5 Systems Camera Adaptive Platform
V5 Systems Camera Adaptive Platform

V5 Systems Portable Edge Computing Unit

Run analytics with an outdoor computing solution that lets your customers integrate third-party hardware and software sensors to run outdoor IoT applications without being tied to the electrical grid.

V5 Systems Portable Edge Computing
V5 Systems Portable Edge Computing

V5 Systems Portable Gunshot Detection

This sensor is able to detect and localize the source of gunfire and provide real-time location information for each gunshot event. Artificial intelligence-driven alerts are sent directly to mobile devices, bypassing the need for costly/inaccurate human monitoring.

V5 Systems Acoustic Gunshot Sensor
V5 Systems Acoustic Gunshot Sensor

V5 Systems PTZ Portable Security Unit

Quickly deploy security with a turnkey outdoor video surveillance solution that is preconfigured with a user-friendly interface. It features self-learning analytics, an onboard edge computing platform, storage and wireless communications.

V5 Systems Portable Security Unit
V5 Systems Portable Security Unit

About Azgard Group: Azgard Group is a Virginia based Veteran Owned Small Business providing unparalleled cyber security and information technology services and technology solutions, training, and management consulting to commercial and government organizations.

With more than 80 years of combined cyber and IT experience from our leadership team, Azgard has developed dynamic and agile methods for proactively preventing and mitigating threats to clients’ businesses, customers, and employees.