Azgard Group Appoints Tony Butler as Business Development Director

30-year security & anti-terrorism professional and military veteran tapped to expand revenue growth


Tony ButlerWoodbridge, VA, March 15, 2017 — Azgard Group, a leading provider of cyber security and information technology services, technology solutions, training, and consulting services to commercial and government organizations, announced the appointment of Tony Butler to Director of Business Development. Butler is responsible for the strategic direction for growth, business development initiatives, as well as identifying and building alliances with vetted and value added small and large business teaming partners that support the overall goals of the company.

“Tony has exceptional experience and proven success developing global business development strategies for both federal and commercial businesses,” stated Walter Brown, Founder and CEO of Azgard Group. “We are extremely fortunate to have such a sought after executive to lead Azgard’s next phase of growth. Supported by an expanded, strong management and sales team, I am excited and confident in Tony’s ability to continue driving Azgard forward to achieve our short-term revenue goals and long-term vision.”

Mr. Butler brings 30 years of experience leading the strategic and operational areas for several leading companies and government contractors, paving the way for successful revenue growth and corporate acquisitions. Butler has global competence in leading programs and business development efforts in the fields of nuclear force protection, international security, law enforcement, and public relations, and has exceptional expertise in the areas of anti-terrorism, nuclear security, intelligence analyst, personnel security, information security, security management, training and evaluation, industrial security, security education, and force protection.

He recently served as Vice President for Saber Technologies where he led the business development efforts and was Business Development Director of Intel & Cyber Services for AKAL, helping both companies achieve revenue growth goals. Prior to AKAL, he was a consultant for the Defense Consulting Service (DCS) and worked with DCS leadership on business growth strategies centered on market development and penetration, and other alternative channels.

Mr. Butler served as President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of CentreMega Corporation. He provided critical strategic direction and oversaw all facets of leadership, management, and business development for this leading global multi-disciplinary consulting firm that offers a suite of support services to its clients.

Prior to working at CentreMega Corporation (CMC), Tony Butler co-owned and established ZKD, INC. As the President and Director of Operations, he seamlessly directed day-to-day operations and business development activities of the company providing intelligence, airport security, and linguist services with an annual revenue of $60M and 400 employees in 10 locations worldwide. Mr. Butler has also been a Program Manager at the Defense Intelligence Agency and Deputy Director of Contract Management Office where he managed 400 contractors at 22 global locations. Additionally, he administered all aspects of physical and personnel security for 300 personnel assigned throughout the United States as the Security Director of Zel Technologies. He was able to expertly carry out evaluation of security vulnerabilities to ensure accurate corrective actions were implemented so as not to compromise classified information.

His successful career spans a 26-year Air Force career handling ever-increasing positions of responsibility and management. He was a top Senior Enlisted Adviser to the Air Combat Command Inspector General. Additionally, he demonstrated his comprehensive knowledge on security management as he conducted thorough assessments of law enforcement and physical security systems, which resulted in developing effective security countermeasures for assets worth more than $160B.

Butler draws from over two decades of leadership experience in forging key relationships, growing revenues, building value in companies, and mentoring teams. He is a tenacious and diligent executive who leads by example and firmly believes that giving people the opportunity to be successful is the secret for a company to thrive even through the most difficult times. True enough, this people-focused leader takes pride in his track record of building successful companies through tactically leading people to deliver the best outcomes possible. Equipped with excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, along with his visionary leadership abilities, he has provided hands-on supervision and mentoring to numerous executives and large organizations around the globe.

Butler earned his BS from the Criminal Justice University of Maryland in Criminal Justice Administration, and attended t numerous security and anti-terrorist training courses in the Air Force, including the Security Police Specialist Academy training courses, and training in hostage negotiations, dynamics of international terrorism, special weapons and tactics, personnel / industrial / information security, quality assessment, and team facilitator topics.

About Azgard Group

Azgard Group is a Veteran Owned Small Business providing unparalleled Cyber Security and Information Technology services and technology solutions to commercial and government organizations. Azgard helps our clients to stay ahead of cyberattacks and security threats, transforming their cyber program and security measures to protect all of their critical assets and physical structures from insider and outsider threats.

Azgard’s mission is to provide our clients with total cyber security defense for their IT network, business operations systems, data, devices, and physical infrastructure, enabling organizations to avoid business disruptions, reduce costs, and maintain customer trust.

Azgard’s mission is to provide our clients with total cyber security defense for their IT network, business operations systems, data, devices, and physical infrastructure, enabling organizations to avoid business disruptions, reduce costs, and maintain customer trust.

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