Airports rely on their business operations systems, IT network, devices, and data to provide critical services to their airliner and private pilot customers and keep passengers safe. Yet, many IT operations departments are under staffed and keeping up with day-to-day tasks is all they can manage. Too often, IT teams don’t have the knowledge to implement proactive cyber and security programs, and when attacks occur their dealt with reactively, shutting down operations, compromising customer data, and costing much more to mitigate issues.

Azgard’s cyber security program identifies critical assets unique to every organization’s operations, and evaluates risks and airport threats through our approach, services and technology solutions. Azgard can help clients create a path forward to strengthen their cyber defenses across operations and create a baseline for incident response activities to their network effectively deal with attacks, service disruptions, etc.

Azgard has developed unique security controls that provide guidance for IT operations to maintain airport cyber security compliance mandated by the FAA. This compliance will significantly raise the airport’s cyber security posture and awareness.

Azgard offers affordable cyber security services and technology solutions to small and large airports, including annual assessments, cyber defense program development, managed cyber security services, staff augmentation, virtual help desk, and other cyber security and IT services. Azgard also identifies and implements MSSP tools, drone defense applications, and other technologies that secure IT networks, business operations systems, data, and physical parameters, keeping customers safe and the business operational. Azgard can provide education and training for the IT staff to deal with threats proactively and efficiency.

Working with Azgard allows airports to access the next generation cyber security tools and solutions that have been tested in large scale operations and federal environments. Our expertise in this field allows us to streamline the level of effort needed to resolve cyber security issues and set up controls and software that can keep networks, systems, and devices secure. Our relationship with vendors allows us to pass on product savings to our clients.

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Martha’s Vineyard Airport Case Study

Azgard conducted a Cyber Security Assessment of Martha’s Vineyard Airport (MVY) to determine their risks for cyber attacks and security threats. Within just three days, Azgard was able to quickly identify major issues and gaps in the airport’s cyber defense protocol and programs through their proprietary checkpoint system and technology solutions without taking time away from the airport’s IT administrator to answer questions or provide information.

This led to a second phase Assessment in which Azgard interviewed the IT administrator to get further information on internal processes and systems, and then we performed quick remediation to the identified areas of concern, helping AVY airport greatly improve their cyber defense posture quickly and cost effectively.

During the interview Azgard uncovered that the IT administrator did not possess the knowledge or professional skills to effectively manage and maintain security for the airport’s network environment and business systems. Azgard provided expert subject matter experts to manage their IT environment until Martha’s Vineyard could hire more staff to manage their IT network.

Azgard provided MVY airport with the following services:

  • Cyber investigation
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Help desk services
  • Cyber security services